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October 29, 2007


David B.

This appears to be a really terrific product (it certainly is a terrific idea). When you take a close look at the business entity, however, it has all the markings of a scam:

- Domain is privacy protected by TuCows.

- There's no information about where the business is located or any kind of physical contact info.

- There's no detail on what you'll get for your $9 other than the claim of "4 cards".

- There's no info on delivery times.

- The PayPal account creation has an origination marker of Singapore.

Sorry, but this raises all my consumer protection red flags.




Looking a bit closer, The Breeding Ground website is linked to a personal website for Jonathan Yuen (http://www.jonathanyuen.com), a graphic designer from Singapore. It's possible to contact him via the above link, rather than through The Breeding Ground. Perhaps you could pass the above info along David..? He might appreciate some constructive feedback. :)

I found his personal website quite interesting & clever in it's design.

I don't think the xmas cards are part of a scam, more a small scale product run from one of Jonathan's own designs.

David B.

Nonetheless, it's a poor business setup with any problems favoring the Breeding Ground (PayPal won't cover problems on transactions this small). It's ridiculous the overseas shipping charges (which will be quite a surprise to the buyer) are not revealed on the site.

Just because his website (where did you find that, btw?) is interesting and clever doesn't mean it's not an opportunity for a buyer and his money to be forever parted.

Buyer beware for all the reasons I previously listed.


I entered http://the-breeding-ground.com/ without the 'buy.html'etc & it automatically sent me to his personal homepage. Not that difficult to figure out, for a fiddler like me.

I didn't mention that anyone should buy his product because of the cleverness of the design of his webpage, I'm not sure why you infer that I did. It was a simple statement.

If you feel so strongly about it, I still suggest that maybe you provide your feedback to the guy himself, he's got contact details directly on the xmas card site itself.

& of course, always caveat emptor, but seriously, lighten up, eh? ;)

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